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Abdul Majeed Road, Kinniya-04 31100,Trincomalee, Sri Lanka.

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Serving Humanity Foundation referred to as Team Humanity is an organized social entity established in the Eastern port town of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka in 2014. We believe in pragmatic Citizen Engagement and Civic activism to challenge the cluttered social structures of inequality and injustice causing Social Insecurity and chaos. We wanted to moderate the social paradigm with a “Road map for Sustainability” that is driven by People-friendly policies, effective systems, and workable mechanisms. We wanted to witness sustainable institutions at all levels, that can implement our blueprint effectively and efficiently adhering to the values of Democratic governance and Community decision-making. We wanted to do this in partnership with the community institutions in the grassroots, local authorities who are mandated to serve the people, state-level policymakers and implementers, and the civic activists in Sri Lanka and around the globe. We want to tackle the trend of increasing social instability by finding sustainable solutions through Civic activism where communities are empowered to make decisions that affect their own lives and destiny. There we stand as the South Asian benchmark for Civic Activism and sustainable solutions.
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South Asian benchmark of Civic Activism and Sustainable solutions

Our approach

We believe that the participation and engagement of communities at the grassroots are vital for any of our interventions. We also believe in broader stakeholder-ship, which promotes active advocacy mechanisms to deal with issues that affect community lives. Following are our key approaches in working with the people and stakeholders.


Our current focus

We focus more on the Values & guiding principles to make our initiatives more pragmatic and we always generate value-based relationships to work with multiple stakeholders and communities such as Non-violence, Participatory governance & Democracy, Transparency, Accountability Respect to alternative views, openness, Non-discrimination and equity.

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