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Serving Humanity Foundation referred to as Team Humanity is an organized social entity established in the Eastern port town of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka in 2014. We believe in pragmatic Citizen Engagement and Civic activism to challenge the cluttered social structures of inequality and injustice causing Social Insecurity and chaos. We wanted to moderate the social paradigm with a “Road map for Sustainability” that is driven by People-friendly policies, effective systems, and workable mechanisms.

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Our current focus

We focus more on the Values & guiding principles to make our initiatives more pragmatic and we always generate value-based relationships to work with multiple stakeholders and communities such as Non-violence, Participatory governance & Democracy, Transparency, Accountability Respect to alternative views, openness, Non-discrimination and equity.

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Our Programs

Peace and Reconciliation

SHF is committed to promoting peace, harmony, and reconciliation among diverse communities in Sri Lanka. We organize dialogue sessions, peacebuilding workshops, and community engagement programs to foster understanding, respect, and collaboration among different ethnic, religious, and cultural groups.

Climate Change & Environment

We recognize the urgent need to address environmental issues and combat climate change. SHF undertakes projects aimed at raising awareness about environmental conservation, promoting sustainable practices, and advocating for policies that protect and preserve natural resources for future generations.

Health & Nutrician

SHF is dedicated to enhancing healthcare services and promoting good nutrition. We collaborate with local healthcare facilities and communities to provide medical assistance, conduct health camps, and promote awareness about preventive healthcare practices. Additionally, we work towards addressing malnutrition issues by implementing nutrition programs and advocating for sustainable food systems.


SHF believes in the transformative power of education. We strive to improve access to quality education for underprivileged children and marginalized communities. Our initiatives include providing scholarships, building and renovating schools, and implementing educational programs that empower individuals with knowledge and skills.

Emergency Relief

In times of crisis, SHF is committed to providing immediate assistance to affected communities. We respond to natural disasters, conflicts, and other emergencies by providing relief supplies, shelter, healthcare services, and psychosocial support to help affected individuals and communities recover and rebuild their lives.


We prioritize the improvement of water, sanitation, and hygiene conditions in underserved communities. SHF implements projects that focus on providing access to clean water, constructing sanitation facilities, promoting hygiene practices, and conducting educational campaigns to prevent waterborne diseases.

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Our Projects

Action for Religious Coexistence – ARC

The project ‘‘Action for Religious Coexistence (ARC)’’ emphasizes the constitutional commitments to religious freedom in 14 target areas with the engagement of multiple sectors – Religious Leaders, State officials, Community Policing Units, integration structure, and youth. It will be pursued within the framework of pluralism and the rule of law through education, mobilization, and actualization. The primary objectives of the project are to strengthen the commitment to pluralism and the Rule of Law to sustain the necessary environment for the practice of religious beliefs and to intervene in and advocate for the right to religious freedom within a pluralistic framework for Inter-religious and inter-ethnic co-existence and non-discrimination. The National Peace Council of Sri Lanka and the Serving Humanity Foundation will work together to implement the ARC project to achieve its long-term objectives.

2. Language to Reconcile (L2R) Project – NPC

Activities of the project

3. Access to safer dwelling and Sanitation – SELAVIP

SHF with the funding of the SELAVIP Foundation has successfully constructed 100 Latrines and 10 Houses for the vulnerable people in Trincomalee District. The title of the project is ‘Access to dwelling and sanitation’

4. People’s Action for Democracy and Development – PADD

Activities of the project

5. Orphan Sponsorship

Activities of the project

There are hundreds of vulnerable Orphan children around Sri Lanka in both urban and rural areas. Orphans, street children left to fend for themselves, children from poverty-stricken families, and victims of war and conflict.

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We believe that the participation and engagement of communities at the grassroots are vital for any of our interventions. We also believe in broader stakeholder-ship, which promotes active advocacy mechanisms to deal with issues that affect community lives.

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News & Articles

Nowadays, Media has become the source of every small effect of society. Therefore, SHF has planned to guide the journalists and media professionals to work for rights-based activities in this country.

Emergency Relief – FHC

Serving Humanity Foundation supported feeding the hungry through the distribution of dry ration food commodities as a response to support the improvised rural communities to ensure access to food for fasting. Serving Humanity distributed 500 food packs in Sri Lanka in partnership with FRESH HEALTH CARE, which helped 500 families of widows and deserted single […]